Why and How to Do a Perfect Logo Redesign?

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Your business can have a huge impact with a strong logo. Even in rare times, companies like Shell and Nike can make a good logo and don’t need a logo redesign. But, mostly, logos need complete changes or some tweaks to appear appropriate with the changes in your company (or in the design landscape). It is especially true for established businesses, as a logo you created five or ten years ago may need to align with your target customers in 2023. Consider taking your logo from the old shelf to the new one. Doing this will have some good reasons; it can give valuable benefits when you do.

However, a logo redesign can be a challenging job that can be put on the back burner. Giving new life to something that has worked for a while (or even a long time) can be gratifying. Take time to assess whether a redesign is a good option before repairing your existing logo. When you ask five key questions, it will guide you to decide whether to stay with your current business design logo or try something new.

Five Main Questions You Can Ask When Decide on a Logo Redesign

Has your business undergone expansion or transformation?

You’ve recently introduced a new line of products, expanded your corporate footprint, or augmented your workforce. With such changes, you should consider considering a logo revision.

Consider the example of Domino’s Pizza, which updated its widely recognized logo to align with its expanded menu offerings.

Are you facing new competitors in your industry?

Once the unrivaled leader, you now find yourself confronted with formidable competition. When faced with pressure, you can give in or stand firm and assert your position. A logo redesign can convey your modernity to existing customers and demonstrate your worthiness to potential clientele.

Are you targeting a fresh demographic?

While your loyal and exceptional customer base remains, you aspire to engage with a younger audience. A logo overhaul could be the prescription for establishing this connection while retaining your existing customer support.

Have your brand’s principles or mission Now Changed?

As your enterprise evolves, it may naturally undergo shifts. Should you feel differences in your company’s character since inception, it relies upon your logo to mirror these changes.

Does your current logo need to be updated?

This question is vital because logos created in the 1980s may no longer be suitable for the modern e­ra. The design might appear outdated and show signs of weariness. In addition, it might not work well on various te­chnological platforms such as mobile devices and table­ts where your logo will be displayed.

When faced with the need to update­ a logo, it’s essential to understand the difference between two approaches: logo redesign and logo re­fresh. Your choice will depend on your unique circumstances.

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Logo redesign vs. logo refresh: What’s right for you?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, it might be time to consider a logo re­design. However, there is another option – a logo refre­sh. This involves making less dramatic changes to your existing design. Think of it as a makeover that builds upon the design elements you already have. During a logo refre­sh, a designer introduces subtle­ adjustments, such as incorporating messaging, updating color scheme­s, or simplifying the overall look. A great example of a successful refre­sh is MasterCard’s 2016 logo update. They kept their iconic circles and colors while giving their typography a more modern fee­l.

Conversely, a logo update is equivalent to a more transformative cosmetic surgery operation. This process could entail fresh communication strategies, a modified chromatic range, or a complete revision of your firm’s branding, such as the shift from “Federal Express” to the now iconic “FedEx.” Before starting on this journey towards logo revision, it becomes essential to consider three questions:

What aspects of my current logo need to be fixed as intended?

(Refer to the abovementioned “5 main Questions you should Ask for a Logo Redesign” )

Which components of the existing logo should be retained?

It is always wise to carefully evaluate the current design elements that aptly embody your organization while musing over a complete logo overhaul. These elements may involve distinctive hues, a font face, or a unique writing style for your company name.

Does my current logo possess a strong connection with my customer base?

One primary obstacle linked to reimagining a logo is potentially breaking the visual tie that your patrons have formed with your current emblem. Devote mental energy to comprehend how your clients connect to your contemporary insignia. Ponder on the potential outcomes of an extensive remodeling endeavor. Will your loyal customer base face disorientation? Are you at ease embracing this hazard as you foster a fresh following of new customers?

The logo redesign process

The logo redesign process is a significant endeavor that requires careful consideration and planning. Once you’ve asked the essential questions, conducted thorough research, and decided to proceed with a logo redesign, you’re ready to embark on this journey. Congratulations on taking this important step for your company.

While many aspects of the logo design process remain consistent, whether it’s your first or fifth iteration, there are specific considerations to bear in mind when undertaking a redesign:

Avoid Direct Comparisons: Refrain from directly measuring the success of your new logo options against the old ones. Instead, focus on how the new logo effectively represents your brand and communicates with your target audience.

Embrace Change with Caution: Acknowledge that transformation can trigger unforeseen sentiments, be it delight about a new circumstance or unease about an extensive shift. Pondering on each fresh logo blueprint before solidifying your choice is careful. This guarantees that you are implementing alterations with sound rationale.

Consider the Ripple Effect: Be mindful that some aspects of a logo redesign, such as adopting a new color scheme or an entirely different design style, may necessitate broader modifications to your branding and marketing materials. This could involve updating items like business cards and your website. If you are prepared for a comprehensive overhaul, contemplate retaining some elements of your previous branding.

Advice for Implementing Your Freshly Redesigned Logo

Now that you have your brand-new, redesigned (or refreshed) logo, it’s time to determine the next steps.

To transition from your old logo to the new one, you must decide whether to gradually phase it over time or opt for a more decisive approach by introducing it on a predetermined date and commemorating the occasion with a formal announcement. Regardless of your choice, the essential task is updating your logo across all platforms and company materials. This encompasses elements such as your email signature, web masthead, Twitter handle, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. As you embark on updating your logo, refer to this practical checklist. Congratulations on embracing the opportunity for a fresh new logo!

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