What is Affiliate Marketing?

Let me tell you a secret. If you can become a link between your blog visitors and your brand’s product or service. You cannot only earn a fortune through affiliate marketing, but also you don’t need to work very hard all you need is just 2 hours of your day to live a full-time life as a blog post.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is how you promote another company or person’s product or service and earn a commission based on the profits made when a purchase is made through a link in your blog post.

Simply put, when a company helps you sell, we get a commission from it too. What makes it so much easier and more feasible than other businesses, is that you don’t have to create the product or service yourself. All you have to do is introduce a product or service that you actually love and use through social media or blog posts.

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Why Affiliate Marketing Is Possible?

The reason affiliate marketing works is simple. If there is a situation where you can choose a product or service, you want to compare and analyze what those options are. And these visitors have the benefit of not only getting rid of useless information based on expert opinions and experiences but also getting the best product and service recommendations from them, as well as saving time. And if it ultimately leads to a purchase, then you are making money. This is the most important “key”

Affiliate marketing can be thought of as a form of marketing in which an advertiser makes a contract, and the advertiser advertises a product through their activities and receives a reward for their performance.

As Wikipedia is providing many services like Wikipedia Writing Services and more. You can do affiliate marketing o Wikipedia sites as well.

Why is Affiliate Marketing Important?

After experiencing a good service or product in your daily life, have you not shared your review with your family or close friends? Honest reviews from trusted people are more reliable than recommendations made for advertising or promotional purposes. This is the power of word of mouth.

Although the company did not ask to promote the product, the customer who voluntarily introduces and promotes the product will be very grateful. However, it is difficult for the company to directly compensate such grateful customers. This is because it is difficult to quantify and specify how and how much word of mouth contributed to a purchase.

It is affiliate marketing that made it possible on the Internet. Online, with technical support, you can find out to whom the purchase was made through and identify the website or blog that contributed to it. If you think about it this way, affiliate marketing isn’t weird or questionable at all.

Performance Reward Type

A characteristic of affiliate marketing is that it is a performance reward type in which rewards are made when performance occurs. This is the reason why affiliate marketing is an affordable option for companies that run technology advertisements. It’s risky to spend a lot of money in the first place to spend money on advertising that may or may not work. However, in the case of affiliate marketing, when performance occurs, appropriate compensation can be paid accordingly, so the initial risk when executing advertisements is small.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC): The easiest type of affiliate program, pay-per-click. You have to pay according to the number of clicks made.
  • Pay-Per-Lead(PPL): When a visitor fills out a form or signs up for a service.
  • Pay-Per-Sale (PPS): When referrals are purchased and you receive a commission.
  • Site-Wide Fees: Pay for products purchased through referrals throughout the site.
  • One-Time Commission-: Paid to affiliates only once when subscription and sales are completed by a referral.
  • Recurring Commission: Paid to affiliates as long as the referral is subscribed.
  • Affiliates or Advertisers: Use their personal methods to trap capability shoppers to take action (for instance, clicking at the link, filling out a form, creating a purchase, etc.). In exchange, they may get hold of a fee for every sale.
  • Consumer: The key to the success of any affiliate program. They reflect the results of affiliate marketing. Each successfully converted consumer contributes to the final commission that the affiliate earns from the brand

Relatively, most of the marketing is done to individual bloggers or YouTubers in the above three ways.


For this affiliate marketing market to be normal and healthy, it needs a change of perception along with the system. From the standpoint of marketers who advertise and affiliate marketing companies that connect companies and marketers, I believe that the market can become more mature and grow when there is mutual trust. So, I think the general perception of affiliate marketing, which is still questionable and questionable, needs to be improved overall. We believe that the affiliate marketing ecosystem will grow further after mutual trust and a healthy awareness of affiliate marketing are established.

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