Top Bald Head Beard Styles For Men To Bring Out Their Best Look

Bald Head Beard Styles

These are the Top Bald Head Beard Styles 2022 For Men In Accordance with the Face Shapes

The best beard styles for men can enhance your appearance and complement your personality. These are the top most popular Bald Head Beard Styles for men.

Understanding Face Shapes

Styles for balading your head should be based on your facial shape.

These are some options:

A chevron-style beard is best for men with round faces and balances out the large chin. You can create an optical illusion by shaving the mustache. This can make your face appear more square and less round. This is a great way to achieve a bold, masculine look without sacrificing your femininity.

Combining Beard Style And Face Shape

Each face has its own style of beard. Before you decide on a style, it is important to identify the style that best suits your face. There are so many styles to choose from, which makes it easy to find the right look for you. Below are three types of beard styles that can be used by bald men: square, round, and oval. Below is a guide that will help you understand the different styles and how to style them.

What Should You Be On The Lookout For?

It is important to consider your facial shape when styling your beard. You might look unattractive. You should look for pictures of other people who have the same beard style. After you’ve found the pictures, take a look at their beard styles and make your own. Don’t get too carried away trying out different styles all at once!

These Are The Top 6 Best Bald Head Beard Styles That Suit Every Face Shape

There are many Bald Head Beard Styles for men. Let’s take a look at six of the most appropriate Beard Styles for Bald Men to achieve the best look. There was a long-standing stereotype that bald men were unattractive. This is a hot trend today. This is often seen on celebrities. Think about it. It is obvious that baldness and beards exude power and masculinity.


A long and narrow bone structure is what identifies this face shape. Your face will look larger if your beard is shorter at the bottom and longer on the sides. Avoid having a beard too long or too narrow that it obstructs all laws of symmetry.

For an Oblong-Shaped Face with a Baldhead, here are Some Recommended Beard Styles:

Mutton Chops and Imperial beards are the best options to give your face a more defined shape. Boxed Beard can be used to create a more masculine appearance. However, you can also use a light stubble and a rugged look for a stylish and fashionable look.


Rectangle faces are approximately one-and-a-half times longer than their wide counterparts. Straight cheeklines run from the temple to the jawline. These face shapes look very similar to the Oblong, but they have an angular jawline.

For Rectangular Faces, here are Some Recommended Bald Head Beard Styles:
  • You can look Badass with a full-Beard.
  • Modern and youthful with a clean Chin Curtain.
  • An intellectual and Flirty look with the Extended Goatee.


A round face is one with a wide hairline and fullness beneath the cheekbones. Long beards are the best option as they will make your face look longer and wider. Keep your sides short and let the rest grow completely under the chin.

There are Many Options for Goatees.

A moustache, a half-goatee, or extended goatee (fuller hair above your chin and around the mouth). Your masculinity is best emphasized with a bald head and a goatee. It is also a smart decision to have a light stubble. Eric Bandholz created a beard that is even more impressive. A longer, fuller beard with a connecting moustache. This will make your chin appear weaker, giving you the look of a hipster.

Here are Some Beard Styles that Work well for Round Faces:

Traditional style and a narrow face with a classic beard. An extended goatee, Full goatee, Half goatee, Goatee with a moustache. You can have a bald or long beard, and other similar styles.

  • A small face with a light stubble.
  • You can shave the top of your beard along the cheeks and make your face appear narrower.
  • A Chinstrap Beard gives you a young, handsome appearance.
  • Modern hipster style with a soul patch beard.


Square faces have a wide jawline and hairline. This type of face should be avoided because it can create straight lines. Instead, smoothen your face with facial hair. You will likely want to have a longer and more narrow face, similar to those with round faces. Your face is more angular that a round one so it is important to shape your beard as it grows. As your beard grows, it is a good idea to shape it into a more oval shape. Keep your beard neat by cutting it shorter at the sides and letting it grow longer around your chin.

For Square Faces with a Baldhead, here are Some Recommended Bald Head Beard Styles:
  • A manly style with a Balbo mustache.
  • An Extended Goatee gives you a stylish, fresh look.
  • Charming, mature, wise, and experienced with a Chinstrap Beard


This face shape has a narrower chin and a wider forehead. The narrower chin can be aided by a fuller style around the jaw. Garibaldi’s classic Garibaldi beard can be a great way to enhance your face shape. It has a full-grown beard with a connected moustache. The facial hair is cut in a circular shape at its ends to create a round face shape. You can create a new style that will give you a more compelling look than a bald man. This style can be described as easy to maintain, but it is important to keep the bottom of your beard symmetrical and round.

For an Inverted Triangle Shape Face with a Baldhead, here are Some Recommended Bald Head Beard Styles:
  • A mutton chops beard gives you a knowledgeable, wise and experienced appearance.
  • A chin curtain beard gives you a confident, fashionable look.
  • You can look trendy and badass with a full or extended beard.


This face has a narrow, forehead and a wider jawline. This can make it difficult to grow a beard because you already have volume. Full beards are not recommended. You still have options for styling your beard.

You have Two Options:

Keep your beard short and neat, or you can grow a full beard that is trimmed to the sides. Then, sculpt the beard inwards to create the illusion of a man with a beard.

For Triangular Faces with a Baldhead, here are Some Recommended Bald Head Beard Styles:
  • This charming look is achieved with a chinstrap moustache and a beard.
  • Modern and fashionable look with a moustache and a goatee.
  • The Balbo beard gives a tough man a masculine look.

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