How to Create Amazon Product Videos: The Complete Guide


Amazon has successfully changed the course of online shopping, becoming the world’s largest online marketplace. This success has inspired many individuals and companies to use Amazon as a selling platform. And with so many people selling on Amazon, it can be difficult to stand out in a crowded market.

One way you can do that is by creating Amazon product videos. Adding an Amazon product video to your website can help increase sales. Product videos are a great way to showcase your products and attract more customers. They are interactive and can really help your products stand out in a crowd. They can also be used to create engaging content that will keep your customers coming back for more. Creating a well-made product video shows potential buyers what your products offer and why they should buy them. Additionally, product videos can help you drive traffic to your website and improve conversion rates.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating a professional-looking product video on Amazon, especially the significance of Amazon product video editing.

Tips for creating an Amazon product video

Product videos are one of the best ways to convert shoppers into buyers on Amazon. They can help you show off your product in an informative way and convince potential customers to take the next step and buy it.

1.    Keep your video brief and concise

Amazon restricts listing videos to a certain length and caps video size at 500 MB. However, when it comes to video ads, short and sweet is usually best. Make sure your content is concise and efficiently written.

There are some suggestions that you can use to create your Amazon product video:

  • To upload the video, be sure to adhere to the Amazon upload guidelines.
  • Choose a type of product video i.e., explainer, unboxing, health, etc.
  • Have adequate lighting and spend money on high-quality audio equipment.
  • To create a product video, shoot against a plain background.
  • Add text or captions to your video because many people watch without sound.
  • Avoid making lengthy videos longer than 60 seconds; the maximum length for brand-sponsored videos is 45 seconds.

2.    Create Video ideas that match your product’s utility

When creating a video for Amazon, it’s important to understand who your target audience is and what they expect from you. For example, if you are creating a wellness-focused product, your audience might expect it to help them achieve their health goals. Additionally, ensure that the information presented is accurate and helpful for potential buyers. Do not include any false or misleading information in your product video, as this could lead to negative brand building and lower sales rankings on Amazon.

3.    Keep a close eye on your competitors

One of the most important things you can do when creating an Amazon product video is to keep a close eye on your competitors. This will help you ensure that your product video is on par with, or even better than, what your competition is producing. By monitoring your competitors’ videos, you can see what they are doing well and where you might need to improve upon your own video. Additionally, this will give you ideas for how to market your product in a unique way that sets it apart from the competition. By understanding your competition, you’ll be able to create a strategy that works best for your business.

4.    Be mindful of the audio, descriptions, and text.

Background music can add a lot of polish and professionalism to your video listing. It can help set the tone, make it feel more like an advertisement, and make buyers more likely to click on it. However, many consumers prefer looking at product videos without the sound. That, in addition to the need for accessible media, makes it important to include captions and on-screen text. For example, if a video is about how to make a cake, using text on the screen that says, “This video is about cake recipes using our ready-mix batter,” can help those who watch the video without sound to understand what’s being talked about.

5.     Work with A+ content creators

If you’re looking for a content creator to help you create high-quality videos for your product or website, then you should consider working with a professional. There are a number of talented professionals out there who have experience creating enhanced brand content or A+ content that converts. They will be able to capture your unique voice and message in a video that is both engaging and informative. Therefore, it’s important to find someone whose style matches your own and who has the skills required for the project.

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Steps to add a product video to your Amazon listing

Easily and quick steps to add to video to your Amazon product listing:

  1. First, you need to go to your Seller Central profile.
  2. Then select Inventory.
  3. Now choose Upload & Manage Videos from the dropdown menu.
  4. After that, select your video file by clicking the Upload Video button.
  5. Add a title and any associated ASINs for the video.
  6. Choose a video’s thumbnail
  7. Finally, to send the video to Amazon for approval, click the submit button.

How can you efficiently create product videos for your Amazon listing without wasting time or effort?

There are pros and cons to both in-house and outsourced product video creation. In-house video production can be rewarding because it allows you to control the entire process, from scripting to shooting to editing. However, this can also be time-consuming and require a degree of expertise that some entrepreneurs may not have. If you decide to outsource your product video production through Amazon product image editing, there are many benefits to this:

1.    You can save money on production costs:

By outsourcing, you can keep your budget lower and still produce a high-quality product video that accurately represents your brand. Outsourcing also allows you to work with a video producer who is experienced in producing quality videos for brands. This will ensure that your product video is on par with other videos produced by brands.

2.    You can improve video quality:

When you outsource your Amazon product video creation, you’ll be able to create videos with higher quality than if you created any of them yourself as you’ll get high-quality footage that’s professional and engaging. Good video quality can help convince potential customers to buy your product, and it can also help you stand out from your competitors.

3.    You can develop your marketing strategy:

Video production should be outsourced because then you will get more time to focus on expanding your reach, increasing your exposure, and attracting more customers. With the help of a professional video production company, you can focus on developing your product instead of worrying about how to shoot, edit and produce your own videos.

4.    You can speed up the process:

When it comes to producing high-quality product videos, oftentimes, a lot of post-production work needs to be done. This includes product video editing, processing, format changes, etc. By outsourcing this work, you can speed up this process.

Take away

With their increasing popularity, there’s no doubt that videos are going to play an even bigger role in online shopping in the years ahead. And if you’re looking to increase your Amazon product listing visibility and sell more products, then creating product videos is a great way to do this. Product videos should also be an essential part of your Amazon marketing strategy as they can help build trust and credibility with potential buyers. With Amazon product video creation, businesses can create powerful and engaging videos that help increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their Amazon product listings while also showing potential buyers how their products are used and what makes them unique. This helps customers make informed decisions about buying a product and helps businesses stand out from the competition.

So if you want to increase your sales and visibility on Amazon, consider investing in some quality video production and getting started!

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