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Meet our fitness personalities. From Personal Trainers to Influencers to Business Owners across the Fitness & Wellness Industry. Get to know them deeply and understand the struggles they faced and how they overcame it. Be inspired!

Meet Laanya Asogan: April Fitness Featured

If Laanya Asogan looks familiar to you, it may be because you’ve noticed her during the Miss World Singapore pageant in 2017, and when she represented our country on the world stage! This beautiful lady is also one of the strongest people we know, and she’s a massive inspiration to us all.  We had aContinue reading “Meet Laanya Asogan: April Fitness Featured”

Meet Munah Bagharib: March Fitness Featured

Munah Bagharib is an amazing multi-tasker, with many hats on her head. The YouTube comedienne turned actress/host is also a prolific social media influencer. She’s also incredibly fit, with the body to show for it! How does she do it all? What is her secret? We ask Munah a few questions, in hopes she willContinue reading “Meet Munah Bagharib: March Fitness Featured”

Meet Gerald Tan: February Fitness Featured

Gerald Tan, co-founder of The Yummy Bros , is a walking book of experiences. At 17, the decision to take up the Sport & Wellness Management course changed the path of his life. His journey with fitness and entrepreneurship spans years; and it was through a failed business that he realised not to stray fromContinue reading “Meet Gerald Tan: February Fitness Featured”

Meet Sara May: January Fitness Featured

“Fitness has given me motivation, discipline, and has made me more organised with my time. It keeps my mind busy and has opened doors for me to meet like-minded people who share the same passion for fitness as I do.” Read more on Fitness Featured…

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