Boost your Immune System with these Superfoods

Superfoods – Are they something we should pay attention to, or is the term yet another buzzword created by some very clever marketers? With COVID-19 going around the world at the moment and affecting people of all ages, can superfoods be something that will help protect you? A quick Google search on the definition ofContinue reading “Boost your Immune System with these Superfoods”

Budget-friendly Meal Preps

As an avid FOODIE and a number cruncher I’ve decided that cooking on a budget shouldn’t mean canned beans and cup noodles day after day. If you are new to meal prep, fret not, we have some delicious home-cooked budget-friendly meal preps to recommend! An important note to add in the recent outbreak of theContinue reading “Budget-friendly Meal Preps”

Which diet type is best for you?

The word “diet” has gained an undeserved bad reputation over the years. What started as an innocent term to describe eating habits has become synonymous with desperate attempts to lose weight and slim down. Certainly, I’m no nutritionist; but over the years, like many others; I’ve flirted with different diet types in an attempt toContinue reading “Which diet type is best for you?”

DETOXING: What you should know

Detoxing became the buzzword around 2010; as did the idea of eating more alkaline foods to counteract the acidity levels in the body. Although some of these acid/alkaline facts make sense, the counter side of this is that the human body is designed to create homeostasis (balance) in order to survive and is able toContinue reading “DETOXING: What you should know”

#NoExcuse: Eat what you want, the smart way…

As a Nutritionist, I do NOT believe in deprivation diets!  I DO believe in enjoying food without the guilt trip and I believe the food choices we make can determine whether we will be well nourished, full of energy and hitting our goals. #Noexcuse When following a plan where you count your calories, especially alongsideContinue reading “#NoExcuse: Eat what you want, the smart way…”

Calorie Counting, Where do I begin?

No doubt, you would’ve heard or have had some opinion on the big calorie-counting debate. Here are some facts about the origin of a Calorie: A Calorie (kcal) is a unit of energy equal to the amount of heat needed to increase the temperate of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. Discovered inContinue reading “Calorie Counting, Where do I begin?”

New Year Special: Drink Smart

Counting Calories in Alcoholic Beverages When considering ones overall daily food consumption, many people forget to include liquid calories (especially for alcohol) and this can have a huge effect on your total intake. Liquid calories are often the sneakiest as they do not fill you up and often contain very little nutrients = empty calories.Continue reading “New Year Special: Drink Smart”