Christmas Gifts for Gym Lovers

Merry Christmas! Delight your gym-crazed friends with a new addition to their active lifestyle this festive season. We have 10 gift ideas for the ones who show up to the gym at the break of dawn – and during lunch, and after hours. 1. Classpass Gift Card Perfect for: Your favorite colleagueWhat is it: AlwaysContinue reading “Christmas Gifts for Gym Lovers”

Calorie Counting, Where do I begin?

No doubt, you would’ve heard or have had some opinion on the big calorie-counting debate. Here are some facts about the origin of a Calorie: A Calorie (kcal) is a unit of energy equal to the amount of heat needed to increase the temperate of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. Discovered inContinue reading “Calorie Counting, Where do I begin?”

The biggest muscle group: Glutes

Lifting those bums isn’t just about looking good in jeans. The Glutes are the biggest muscle group ( gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus) is the key player for explosive movements. Having stronger glutes can also help to relieve lower back pain and make everyday movements much easier. Strengthening them with these exercises isn’t as difficultContinue reading “The biggest muscle group: Glutes”

Simple home workout to kick start your fitness

We’ve all been there – being clueless on how to start living a fit and healthy lifestyle. But this isn’t rocket science! A simple home workout may just hit you in the right spot to kick-start your fitness. The Fit Loco has put together a simple home workout for you to do from the comfortContinue reading “Simple home workout to kick start your fitness”

New Year Special: Drink Smart

Counting Calories in Alcoholic Beverages When considering ones overall daily food consumption, many people forget to include liquid calories (especially for alcohol) and this can have a huge effect on your total intake. Liquid calories are often the sneakiest as they do not fill you up and often contain very little nutrients = empty calories.Continue reading “New Year Special: Drink Smart”