Which diet type is best for you?

The word “diet” has gained an undeserved bad reputation over the years. What started as an innocent term to describe eating habits has become synonymous with desperate attempts to lose weight and slim down. Certainly, I’m no nutritionist; but over the years, like many others; I’ve flirted with different diet types in an attempt toContinue reading “Which diet type is best for you?”

DETOXING: What you should know

Detoxing became the buzzword around 2010; as did the idea of eating more alkaline foods to counteract the acidity levels in the body. Although some of these acid/alkaline facts make sense, the counter side of this is that the human body is designed to create homeostasis (balance) in order to survive and is able toContinue reading “DETOXING: What you should know”

Setting the right mindset: From waking up to sleeping

First of all, congratulations to those of youI who bounce out of bed each morning with joy and rapture in your heart – you’re a morning person! Starting your day with a positive attitude can influence how the rest of your day goes; while some people find this easier than others, but with consistency &Continue reading “Setting the right mindset: From waking up to sleeping”

New Year Special: Declutter your mind & the rest will follow

It is important to Declutter your mind. As we enter a new year, a new decade, most of us are excited and hopeful to what it may bring us. We set goals and intentions for the year, which most people consider important in order to keep developing as a person and to achieve our lifeContinue reading “New Year Special: Declutter your mind & the rest will follow”

#NoExcuse: Eat what you want, the smart way…

As a Nutritionist, I do NOT believe in deprivation diets!  I DO believe in enjoying food without the guilt trip and I believe the food choices we make can determine whether we will be well nourished, full of energy and hitting our goals. #Noexcuse When following a plan where you count your calories, especially alongsideContinue reading “#NoExcuse: Eat what you want, the smart way…”

Valentines Special: Active Wellness Activities You Can Do With Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you’ve been a celebrant of the romantic holiday long enough, you either love it or hate it. While some loved-up pairs may say that everyday is Valentine’s Day, we know it’s still a special day deserving of some magic. So grab your partner and hear us out! HereContinue reading “Valentines Special: Active Wellness Activities You Can Do With Your Partner”

Valentine’s Special: Grab your partner & try these #fitcouple workouts

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Chocolates, flowers & date nights may seem like the conventional must-dos! But if you’re feeling a little adventurous, The Fit Loco recommends an inexpensive get-together activity for couples to try out this Valentine’s! Couple workouts are beneficial as it is a good bonding session that allows the building of trustContinue reading “Valentine’s Special: Grab your partner & try these #fitcouple workouts”

New Year Special: Start your new year with the right mindset

“Everyday is a fresh start.” This quote is all about living a brand-new day, however, we forget that starting fresh is a state of mind. With the right mindset, you’ll be able to move forward, living your life authentically and peacefully. Question is, how do we focus on the things we want and successfully achieveContinue reading “New Year Special: Start your new year with the right mindset”

Meet Gerald Tan: February Fitness Featured

Gerald Tan, co-founder of The Yummy Bros , is a walking book of experiences. At 17, the decision to take up the Sport & Wellness Management course changed the path of his life. His journey with fitness and entrepreneurship spans years; and it was through a failed business that he realised not to stray fromContinue reading “Meet Gerald Tan: February Fitness Featured”

Everyone starts somewhere, including this blog.

The Fit Loco has arrived! It is all the craziness surrounding fitness, health and nutrition. If you are a fitness novice, a gym regular, or even a fitness expert; The Fit Loco is here to inspire and motivate you. This isn’t the usual ‘influencer blogger’ that focuses on one individual getting fit. The Fit LocoContinue reading “Everyone starts somewhere, including this blog.”