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The Fit Loco is Singapore’s first informative blog on fitness, founded in 2019 by a group of fitness enthusiast & featured fitness coaches – With the aim to guide you in having a healthier, better quality of life & feeling good through simple & fundamental steps like exercises, eating well & gaining enough nutrition, etc. Our 4 main categories are: Fitness Features, Get Lean, Nutrition & Motivation.

We are a blog dedicated to giving tips on how to get fit – balancing the right physical activity & food intake catering to each individual’s body type. The core idea is to be an inspiration to the general public who are new to concept of ‘fitness’. We offer expert tips for beginners on Gymming & Training, counting calories on a daily basis, losing weight the right way, gaining muscles & strength, etc; all on acquiring your desired body.

Four Main Categories:

Fitness Featured

Individuals featured are either professionals or active enthusiasts within the fitness, health (lifestyle) and nutrition industry. Learn & get tips from the very best & strive to be better!

The Fit Loco Clan

Get Lean

Anything related to working out – from Gym tips to home work outs & sports knowledge. Topics such as “Debunking myth on lift heavier and you will be bulky”, “Getting the V-line on your obliques”, “Workouts that will burn the calories”, “8-weeks Bikini Bod”, etc…

The Fit Loco


Food guide related to health and wellness. Debunking myths of “eating less carbs and fats will make you lose weight faster”, etc…

The Fit Loco


Keeping High Spirits on this Category! Articles such as music, music, lifestyles, body types, fitness-related accessories, apparels, etc…

The Fit Loco

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