Meet Munah Bagharib: March Fitness Featured

Munah Bagharib is an amazing multi-tasker, with many hats on her head. The YouTube comedienne turned actress/host is also a prolific social media influencer. She’s also incredibly fit, with the body to show for it!

How does she do it all? What is her secret? We ask Munah a few questions, in hopes she will give us mere mortals some tips.

You’re looking amazing! Your schedule must be hectic with your current and future projects, tell us what your day-to-day schedule is like. 

Thank you! I’m working on a few projects at the moment, but the main one is a theatre production I’m working on with multimedia and film maker extraordinaire, Brian Gothong Tan, for Esplanade Theatres. It’s called Lost Cinema 20/20 and I think it will be a beautiful cinematic piece that highlights the curious state of awareness when we dream.

How do you make time for workouts? What are your priorities?

My day to day schedule varies, but is mostly packed. Over the last 2 years though, I’ve been trying to manage my time better. Especially so I can make time for my Mamreh (Mummy) more often.

My priorities at this moment are my work and my mum. Health has become more important to me after my health scare in 2018, which shook me out of my bad habits, and inspired me to take my health more seriously. I wanted to take charge of my mental and physical well-being, because I knew I needed to be healthy and stable before I can take care of someone else.

The thing about time is that, yes, we are all busy, but you CAN actually take charge of your time. It took me a while to realise that, but when you allow yourself to understand what’s important to you, you will make an effort. Working out has definitely moved up on my list. It’s not as often as I think I should be doing, but with what I can manage for now, twice a week has been working really well.

What would your go-to workouts / exercises?

I mostly go to the gym, and I have an amazing personal trainer. Tyen Rasif (@tyenstagram) has been training me since early last year and she is incredible. I spoke to her about my goals, and where I’m at health-and-stamina wise. She’s helped me every step of the way, believing in me and pushing me, even when I thought it would be the most difficult thing to get stronger. Tyen has a program set out for me based on my goals – which is to get lean, build strength and stamina (which is so important for the types of work I do) and most of all, to improve my overall well-being. I also like yoga, rock climbing and pole dancing. Although I need to get back on the pole soon, heehee, it’s been a while!

Out of all the activities you’ve listed, which is your favourite, that you’ll always make time for, and why?

Gym, for sure. It’s not so much my favourite but it is one I enjoy and think is most effective for me, and worth making time for. I know I prefer to have someone guiding me and making sure my form is right, someone who understands what I need to do in order to achieve my goals.  Having Tyen with me is extremely helpful. She not only looks into my workouts, but also into my lifestyle, the roles I am working on at that particular time, and what it demands from me.

When I was shooting She’s A Terrorist And I Love Her, the TV series produced by Ministry of Funny and now playing on HOOQ, Tyen was there to make sure I looked the part physically and felt the part (stamina-wise because it was a physically demanding role). She also made sure I managed my energy on a daily basis because shoot days are always long and tiring, so that was very important.

How do you cope with your hectic schedule while maintaining your health and wellbeing? When and how do you find the time to schedule in your PT sessions?!

We plan ahead. Like I said, if something is important to you, you will want to make an effort and that’s what I’m doing now with working out. It’s so much more than just looking better. It is a whole lifestyle change that makes me feel better mentally too. I used to be so drained all the time because of my work schedule. I work long hours, and it’s tiring because there are always so many things going on at the same time. It really takes a toll on your mind and your body.

But I felt a complete change when I started being active. It’s weird, but it’s true. When I started working out, I didn’t even think for a second that I would feel so much better. I’m more alert now, and I feel less tired. It’s great and it’s really helped me cope better with the crazy schedules and whatever else comes my way.

What are some practices you have to keep yourself in tip-top condition physically, mentally, and emotionally so that you can cope with your hectic lifestyle?

Listen to your body. I used to push myself to the extremes, thinking I’m weak if I rest, and that I’m inefficient if I pause. 

But it’s actually the opposite. You need to stop every once in a while in order to stay efficient and on top of your game. There’s no point pushing yourself like crazy, only to break and not be able to function at all. I learned it the hard way, but I’m glad I went through that experience, because that was when I learned to pause, recharge and rebuild.

What’s the most flattering or memorable compliment you’ve gotten? Did it motivate you to keep going through every workout even though you’re really busy?

That I work hard and have an incredible team who works well with everyone! My work is my life and I am so lucky to be doing something I am so in love with. It’s my passion and my everything, and every day I want to keep dedicating more and more to my career and the people I work with. I have an amazing team whom I work very closely with, and they also motivate me with their dedication and passion.

How do you stay motivated? What would you like to tell our readers to inspire them?

I love working with people. I stay motivated from the sheer excitement of doing what I love and being able to build even bigger, better things with highly talented individuals. It’s the most awe-inspiring thing and I truly am lucky to have met them. 

I think the point is to find your goal, your purpose and stay true to them. Don’t be afraid to fall. 

Looking at Munah’s hectic schedule, it’s hard to imagine even finding the time to work out, but she does. And just like with all the projects and other commitments in her life, she gives her 110% to it. 

“Always trust yourself, and trust that if you set your mind to it, things will work out. It will take time and lots of hard work for sure, but it WILL work out.”

Munah is going to have one crazy busy year ahead, but this superwoman is definitely going to keep slaying!

Follow Munah on Instagram @munahbagharib and watch her grow everyday.

Photo Credits to Yana Gagarin (@yanuhhh).

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