New Year Special: Declutter your mind & the rest will follow

It is important to Declutter your mind. As we enter a new year, a new decade, most of us are excited and hopeful to what it may bring us. We set goals and intentions for the year, which most people consider important in order to keep developing as a person and to achieve our life ambitions. However and unfortunately, most of us, fail to stick to the goals set. Infact, as the year progress, most of us simply got entwined in the everyday life hustle and some may feel powerless to change their lives.

Reason being is that, we did not de-clutter our mind prior to embarking yet another set of goals, yet another project added. This causes our mental state to be chaotic. Just like our home or wardrobe, our mind need de cluttering every now and then. I like to call it mental maintenance.

See the brain is just another muscle, that needs ample rest and nourishment as per our body do. We get sick or sore physically when we overworked ourselves. Same goes to our mental state. Without taking good care of it, especially with this era of “hustling”, at one stage, you will get burnt out. And if you keep pushing on, eventually it causes depression and anxiety. It has nothing to do with how positive you are. It is about having the awareness that our mind is the most crucial thing to be taken care of and needs proper care, more than anything else. A healthy, calm and clear mind, enables one to be more productive and gives one, more clarity and strength in tackling our daily challenges.

Here are my top 10 tips to Declutter The Mind :

1. Space

Whether it is your home, work or wardrobe, make sure they are mess-free! Research has shown that a cluttered home can also mean clutter in our minds, if it gets out of hand, it could lead to us feeling overwhelmed, full of anxiety and feeling of stuck. Eventually, to mental health issues.

Create a checklist, to de-clutter and clean.

–  Set small achievable goals. Tackle one at a time. Crossing off the ones that you have completed. This gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. When we experience even small amounts of success, our brains release dopamine, which is connected to the feeling of pleasure, learning and motivations. And this effect, causes us to want to repeat them again to feel these sense of success.
– Put aside 10-15mins daily for tidying up, as part of your routine.
– Set your alarm at the same time daily for reminders until it becomes a habit.
– Make time for a more major cleaning; 2-3 hours every week

2. Create your TO-DO-LIST

Starting from the important ones, Separate the daily ones and put a timeline for the rest. Make sure you calendar it and set alarms as reminders.

3. Keep a Journal

I was one of those people who did not believe in journaling neither creating lists, until I started doing it. It gives more clarity and you are more aware of your progress and patterns, instead of having everything going round and round in your head. Start simple and even if it is 5 mins, just writing whatever that comes to your mind.

Describe the kind of emotions you are feeling, sad, happy, angry, unheard, etc. and why do you think you are feeling so. Try to look inside and be very honest to yourself. Everything comes from within. I always encourage people to finish it with things that they are grateful for, irregardless of how you are feeling. This shift your mind towards things that are bringing you joy and sets the tone of the day. You can do it first thing in the morning or the last thing at night.

4. Meditate & Deep Breathing

Instead of checking your phone right after you wake up, try to MEDITATE or do slow DEEP BREATHING every morning. Simply sit still, without any expectations and focus on your breathing. Or you can also focus on a mantra, eg. I am enough, I am energetic, I am worthy of love, etc. Repeat for 5-10mins and gradually increase the time. Preferably if you can, create a designated space for this. This space should be calming to you. Whenever you feel anxious or overwhelmed, just sit on this sacred or safe spot. Give it a name if you like, something that makes you think of peace, calm and safe. This is where you will feel grounded.

5. Be KIND and COMPASSIONATE to yourself.

Know that we are all doing the best we can do at any given moment.

6. Be FORGIVING of yourself.

Release your guilt and fear.

7. ACCEPT things as it is.

LET GO of what you cannot control. Let go. We become free the moment we are no longer believing that things should have been different.


Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Perhaps, it takes more strength to be vulnerable than not. Perfection is not realistic. Do you. Be real. Only say yes when you really meant it and say no, when it is a no. Say things as it is. Therefore, your mind is much at ease when it is aligning to your heart. Hence, it is crucial to be true to yourself.


Count your blessings. This creates more abundance as we train our brain to see everything that happen, is an opportunity for growth and not scarcity. Either you can write it in your journal or say it out loud in front of a mirror. It has proven to have an even deeper effect to your subconscious mind than just thinking of being grateful.

10. Be Selective

If it does not SERVE or INTEREST you, does not align to your moral values or growth, cut it out or limit the time you spend on it. Your time and space is sacred. Be very selective to what you allow to enter.

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