Valentines Special: Active Wellness Activities You Can Do With Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you’ve been a celebrant of the romantic holiday long enough, you either love it or hate it. While some loved-up pairs may say that everyday is Valentine’s Day, we know it’s still a special day deserving of some magic. So grab your partner and hear us out!

Here at The Fit Loco, we want you to think beyond the flowers and chocolates and keep to your fitness goals while still being romantic. 

Here are 8 active Valentine’s Day activities you can do with your significant other. 

1.Outdoor hike at Hortpark & the Southern Ridges

partner activities
Image courtesy of NParks Facebook
partner activities
Image courtesy of NParks Facebook

Be one with nature and spend the day with a scenic hike up Hortpark. The route is easy for beginners, and is ground to many photographic spots for you to still make adorable memories of the day. All you need is a pair of outdoor shoes, a bottle of water and your favorite person.

We recommend the adventurous Route A that’ll bring you from the stunning nature via the Forest Walk to the sight of Singapore’s heritage buildings like the Alkaff Mansion.

Rating: 9/10

For more information, visit the NParks Facebook page or view NParks E-Guides for going on a DIY walk.

2. Feel The Heat at an infrared sauna

partner activities
Image courtesy of Pure Wellness Studio Facebook

Have you and your partner been feeling the heat of the stress accumulated from your everyday hustle? How about getting hot and enjoying a wellness fix at the same time? 

Singapore’s first infrared sauna studio is dedicated to providing detoxification benefits, and you’ll feel relaxed from your first step in. Pure Wellness Studio is a quiet, peaceful studio. With hardly a peep of disturbance sans the alluring meditation music that fills the walls of the Duxton Road shophouse.

Rating: 8/10

Pure Wellness Studio offers an introductory 1-for-1 special for first timers. Prices start from $75. For more information, visit their website.

3. Defy gravity at Climb Central

partner activities
Image courtesy of Climb Central

If either you or your partner have a fear of heights, rock climbing might just be the answer to dissolve any phobias. At Climb Central, you’re given a thorough introduction and briefing before you scale the walls, and when left to your own devices, you’re free to choose easy routes to start. Take turns climbing and belaying the other, and experience this well-loved sport that strengthens trust and conquers fears.

Rating: 7/10

For more information, visit their website.

4. Fly in the air with acroyoga

partner activities
Image courtesy of Acroyoga Facebook group

You may have witnessed couples out in the plains of Marina Bay or the Fullerton; – one is usually sprawled on their backs and another soaring in the air. Acroyoga, a type of yoga that tests the strength, skill and trust between two bodies, is a must-try activity this Valentine’s Day. 

Take the risk and join a class where you can experience holding a yoga pose in the air, with your significant other holding the fort as your support.

The fun is in having a good laugh while trying to hold your balance!

Rating: 10/10

For more information, join the Acroyoga Singapore Facebook group here.

5. Steer your own boat

partner activities
Image courtesy of Dragon Boat Innovate Facebook

Combine sun and sea this Valentine’s Day with a day out on the water. Sign up for a one-day dragon boating course with Dragon Boat Innovate – they have a dedicated 2.5 hour session to work your full body while teaching you the basics of the professional dragon boating experience.

You’ll make new friends with the community of new and seasoned boaters, and we promise you’ll be addicted after your first race. 

Rating: 8/10

For more information, visit the Dragon Boat Innovate Facebook page.

There are plenty of fun, active things to do this Valentine’s Day to keep you on your feet. When enjoying the above activities, take heart to keep hygiene and stay safe at all times – make this romantic holiday a special one for the books with your partner. 

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