Valentine’s Special: Grab your partner & try these #fitcouple workouts

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Chocolates, flowers & date nights may seem like the conventional must-dos! But if you’re feeling a little adventurous, The Fit Loco recommends an inexpensive get-together activity for couples to try out this Valentine’s!

Couple workouts are beneficial as it is a good bonding session that allows the building of trust & accountability. Up your game by being a positive & motivational influence on each other & creating a healthy way of life together! Furthermore, working on your fitness together can boost individual’s confidence; look good & feel good as a team!

Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not a pro yet! We’re here to offer you some tips & advice on some non-cringy couple fitness exercises & most importantly, a good laugh for Valentine’s!

What you need for this exciting date:
– Towels
– An empty/ spacious area (can be at home or at a park or even at the gym)
– Waterbottle (for hydrating & also to use as a workout prop!)
– Additional: Workout mats
– Each other!


Light Squat Hops

20 Reps
Start by facing each other & do light hops.
With each hop, match & tap your foot with your partner’s foot.
Do 4 of these hops, alternating between each foot; right left, right left. (as shown in GIF)
On the 5th count, do a squat to complete a Rep.
Do this 20 times to complete your warm up!

“A couple that sweat together, stays together!”
Now that you’re all warmed up, let’s get physical…

1. The Sweetheart Squat!

4 Sets x 8 Reps each Set.
Target muscles: Glutes & Thighs

Stand facing your partner, interlocking your partner’s forearms.
Keep your feet hip-distance apart & get ready to make a classic squat.
Maintaining a secure grip, keep your chest upright & descend into a squat position until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
To ensure the right muscle targeting on your glutes & thighs, lean back, and try not to let your knees go above your foot by finding the right balance and trust with your partner.
Pause for 3 seconds in the squat and slowly return to starting position.
Repeat for 8 repetitions for 1 set.
Rest for 2 minutes & start again & complete a total of 4 sets.

2. Single-legged Plank & Reach Challenge

3 Sets of 12 Reps each (Alternating Legs & Arms)
Target Muscles: Full-body with focus on Core & Balance

Start in High Plank position facing each other with palms & feet on the ground.
Keep your feet slightly wider than hip-width for stability.
Communication is key! Co-ordinate your movements by count with your partner.
Both partners lifting their right arm and holding hands (as seen in picture above) while lifting your left legs.
Hold for 3 seconds and lower your arms & legs into the starting plank position.
Repeat the move, but this time, lift your left arm & hold hands, while lifting your right leg. Don’t forget, synchronisation with your partner is important for this exercise!
Repeat until you arrive at 6 times each side for 1 set.
Rest & do it again for 2 more sets.

3. Partner Sit-up Passes

3 Sets x 10 Reps per partner
Target Muscles: Core
& Abs

Start by lying down, feet facing your partner’s feet & interlace them with bent knees for support.
One partner lies down interlacing legs with your partner, while the other starts by sitting upright.
The partner lying down holds on to a medicine ball (or a filled water-bottle), from lying down position, do a sit-up & pass the weight to your partner & back onto the ground again.
Your partner will then grab the weight from you & lower his back to the ground & doing a sit-up.
Alternate this move until each partner completes 10 full sit-ups for 1 set!
Repeat this for 3 sets.

4. Wheelbarrow Push-Up Squat

2 Sets x 10 Reps (Each partner)
Target Muscles: Core, Chest (Pectorals), Shoulders (Delts), Arms (Triceps & Biceps)

Start by being in high plank position with your arms straight down & your core tight, while the other is standing upright.
Get your partner to stand at your feet and gently lift up your ankles.
This exercise uses each other’s bodyweight to create some intensity in the workout.
Maintaining your form while doing a push-up, your partner does a squat simultaneously. Team work is key!
When you push back up into your original position, your partner should also be returning to the standing position.
Repeat this exercise for about 10 reps, before switching roles.

5. Lateral Lunge with throw

2 Sets x 12 Reps (Each leg)
Target Muscles: Glutes, Quads, Abs Engagement, Hamstrings

This light cardio movement starts by standing facing each other about 3 feet apart.
Each partner takes one big step to the left so you are staggered.
One partner holds the medicine ball or any weighted object (waterbottle), both partners take a wide step on the right, descending into a lateral lunge.
The left leg should be straight, back in an upright posture. Coordinate the pace so both of you are down & up at the same time.
While both partners push off on the right foot, partner A throws the weighted object to partner B. This step is repeated & the weighted object is passed back & forth.
After 12 repetitions, change leg & repeat the steps but in the opposite direction!

6. Squat & Hold Dips

2 Sets x 15 Reps (Per partner)
Target Muscles: Core (Abs), Triceps
(Partner A); Glutes & Quads (Partner B)

Look for a bench or chair, we’ll need to use it for this workout!
One partner starts by placing his/her hands on the bench with arms straight.
The other partner grabs onto the ankles.
Partner A does 15 dips while Partner B holds firmly to his/her ankles in a squat position to support Partner A.
Now change positions & repeat the steps!
When both of you complete 15 reps, it is considered 1 set!

7. High C-curve Hearts

3 Sets x 15 Reps (Each partner)
Target Muscles: Core (abs), Obliques

Sit on the floor side by side.
Lie back on your forearms & Keep your lower spine rounded.
Be sure to keep your abdomen tight & back not arched.
Rotate your legs and do a half heart meeting your partners foot at the top & bottom.
Do 15 reps & change sides with your partner for another 15 reps – 1 set is complete!

Your couple work out is almost complete! Now time for a cool down session.

Cool Down & Stretching

Now put on your favourite slow tempo music & lay back flat on the ground to catch your breath! Wait until your heart rate slows down before we start with stretches.
Here are some examples of our favourite stretches you can do with your partner.

Quads Stretch
Stand side by side. Place one arm on your partner to use each other as a balance. Now left both your right foot, bending your knees. Be sure to keep your thighs in-line with the other with your hips squared. Hold for 15 seconds & change your foot!

Hamstring Stretch
Have your partner lie on their back facing you. Now take their right leg and begin to extend it overhead. Keeping your right knee to the inside of their leg on the ground, lock your right ankle over their leg on the ground. Don’t allow it to lift off the ground. Take your hands to their thigh, keeping your own spine in a nice neutral position. Continue to do this and press their leg toward their head. Allow your partner to communicate when they’ve been stretched far enough. Make sure the leg in your hands is straight with no bend in the knee. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

Back, Spine, Abs & Chest Stretch
Take your partner’s right leg and cross it over their body, allowing the knee to bend like they’re pulling it towards their armpit. Step your left foot up against their left thigh to hold their position in place. Now bring your right shin behind the bend of their right knee. Take your left hand and press gently down on their right shoulder to prevent it from lifting off the ground. At the same time, press their right knee down with your right hand to increase the twist through the spine. Don’t forget to communicate how far to stretch, and keep your own spine neutral. Hold for 30 seconds; switch sides.

Abs, Core & Delts Stretch
Partner A lays flat on his/her belly faced down. Partner B then places his/her knees on the back of the thighs to ensure that Partner A’s hips do not lift off from the ground. Partner B holds on to the wrist of Partner A & gently & gradually lifts Partner A’s belly off the ground until he/she feels a stretch. Now change sides & repeat the steps!

Glute Stretch
Take your partner’s right foot and place it up on your left pec. Take their left ankle and cross it over their right knee. Gently use your body weight to press their right leg towards their chest. At the same time grab a hold of their left knee and gently pull it toward you. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.

You’ve just completed our Valentine’s Special Couple workout – Lots of bonding, intensity & emotional support involved! Its always good to keep the sparks burning by trying something new with your partner. Now, Its time for having a good laugh & perhaps talk about your favourite exercises or which exercise you felt was most challenging! Remember, communication is key. Motivate each other in learning more about fitness & getting into a healthier way of life!

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