New Year Special: Start your new year with the right mindset

“Everyday is a fresh start.” This quote is all about living a brand-new day, however, we forget that starting fresh is a state of mind. With the right mindset, you’ll be able to move forward, living your life authentically and peacefully. Question is, how do we focus on the things we want and successfully achieve them? 

1. Stop procrastinating


Like Nike says, “Just do it!” At times, we hold ourselves back from doing something we really want to do. Maybe it isn’t the right time? Maybe we thought of the idea in the moment with no plan of how to achieve it? Maybe we are scared of failure? Stop making excuses and instead make a plan. Focus on your idea, write it down, plan your next move and get going. Keep it rolling and stop delaying.

2. Show gratitude

show gratitude

In psychology, showing gratitude not only helps with your emotional well-being, it also helps you reflect on your physical and social well-being. Showing gratitude is not for the weak, it strengthens you to help you become the person you want to be. Write down what you are grateful for. Show others why they are important to you.  Create a positive mind-set and give thanks for it!

3. Visionary board

visionary board

Your vision is your future. Build your board with weekly goals to achieve and a plan for how, when and where you are going to achieve them. Having something visual to keep you focused and accountable will help you to smash your goals and keep creating new ones. Check out some interesting Fitness Vision Board images here:

4. Reflect and relive 

reflect and relive

Weekly reflection is necessary for growth. Set a time to think about what you’ve done during the week and how your actions have impacted not only yourself but also others. How have you interacted with others in both a positive and maybe even negative way? Why have you behaved this way? Write it down and reflect on what changes you would like to make going forward. Remember: Your reflection enables your mind-set to change. 

5. Be realistic

the right mindset

At times, you just need to be ‘real’. Being realistic doesn’t mean you are not capable of achieving greater things, it means you have strategically thought about how to achieve them. Set small goals that build on your capabilities and challenge you. Set yourself up for success and create a realistic plan to achieve your biggest goals. 

2020 is going to be smashing and The Fit Loco hopes that YOU are ready to start your mindset fresh! 

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