Everyone starts somewhere, including this blog.

The Fit Loco has arrived! It is all the craziness surrounding fitness, health and nutrition. If you are a fitness novice, a gym regular, or even a fitness expert; The Fit Loco is here to inspire and motivate you.

This isn’t the usual ‘influencer blogger’ that focuses on one individual getting fit. The Fit Loco is a platform for everyone.

Our philosophy is to create content based on scientific research and professional advice; including interviews with individuals who are currently active in the industry.

And our aim is to build an active community within the fitness, health and nutrition sector across Singapore.


Working out may not be as complicated as you think. Follow The Fit Loco Get Lean workout inspiration including video features and instructional guides.

Eating well and getting on the right path to achieve your goals can be a struggle. Whether you’re just starting out your journey or have hit a stop sign along the way, our Nutrition advice is here to help and guide you through.


Getting started (and keeping that consistency) means you need a little Motivation. The Fit Loco Motivation Section gathers interesting facts, lifestyle choices and other amazing inspirational insights to give you that extra little boost you need.

Encourage your family and friends to get involved, share features with your colleagues, let’s inspire others and build a fitness community within Singapore.

It is never too late to start achieving your goals!

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