Christmas Gifts for Gym Lovers

Merry Christmas! Delight your gym-crazed friends with a new addition to their active lifestyle this festive season. We have 10 gift ideas for the ones who show up to the gym at the break of dawn – and during lunch, and after hours.

1. Classpass Gift Card

Perfect for: Your favorite colleague
What is it: Always hitting the gym and in need of a work out buddy? The gift of a Classpass membership will allow your favorite coworker with the same work schedule to get active with you. Choose a suitable plan with credits starting from SGD50.

2. Protein Ball Advent Calendar

Perfect for: Post-exercise snack
What is it: Countdown to Christmas with 24 days of all-vegan protein balls packed in a 100% recyclable advent calendar. Contains 6 different flavours, with a special surprise on Day 24!

3. The 4-hour Body Cleanse Guide by Timothy Ferriss

Perfect for: The commute to the gym
What is it: There are no shortcuts to achieving everyday goals – but could there still be some hacks you’ve yet to try? Timothy Ferriss gathers experiences from top athletes, MDs and himself to unlock questions about the human body; you can even learn how to feel fully rested with just 2 hours of rest.

4. Snack Bag from The Paper Bunny

Perfect for: The eco-friendly fitness junkie
What is it: Compact and easy to clean, gift a silicone bag from homegrown label The Paper Bunny to enrich the Earth while enriching your body. Pack toiletries, snacks and even your tech gadgets. Choose from various colors and sizes.

5. Apple Airpods Pro

Perfect for: The gym introvert
What is it: Wireless earphones are fast becoming a gym essential. Apple’s latest offering houses noise-cancellation technology to allow some quiet, alone time on the treadmill.

6. LARQ Self-cleaning Water Bottle

Perfect for: Keeping healthy inside and out
What is it: The gym is homegrown for breeding germs and bacteria, and your drinking water isn’t spared. LARQ’s self-cleaning water bottle uses UV-C Light Technology to omit harmful viruses and odors by destroying their DNA.

7. Glossier You Solid Perfume

Perfect for: Lunchtime workouts
What is it: While full-bottled scents can be bulky and breakable, Glossier’s solid perfume is compact and easy to apply. With its beautifully designed packaging, you simply twist the perfume open and use a clean ring finger to swab the waxy scent onto your skin.

8. Fitbit Charge 3

Perfect for: The modern-day hustler
What is it: It’s time to give your fitness tracker an upgrade. The Fitbit Charge 3 syncs up with your Smartphone to provide you with important notifications, and its newly-improved system provides information on your activity that’s more accurate than ever before.

9. Ozeri Touch III

Perfect for: Changing up a nutrition process
What is it: To transform your fitness and nutrition plan, incorporating this smart kitchen scale with its calorie- counting capabilities might be extra help. This lightweight, touch-screen compact device is designed for conveniently managing food preparation.

10. JAXJOX Foam RollerConnect

Perfect for: A new muscle-relief experience
What is it: We haven’t met anyone who enjoys the abuse that comes from foam rolling your tired muscles at the end of a strenuous workout – with the introduction of JAXJOX’s vibrating foam roller, that could all change.

Enjoy your Christmas Holidays!

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