Where to Begin?

With so many fad “diets” promising quick gains and instant success, it’s difficult not to get caught up in the latest media frenzy. Let’s step back and get back to basics. The Fit Loco is here to bring unbiased nutrition information to allow you to make your own judgement, discover ways of eating that work for you and ultimately find food freedom.​

Just starting out and no idea where to begin? Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau in your journey?

Here are some common ideas to get you started:

Get real! Are you eating “real food” or does the majority of your food come from a packet? Try eating less processed food to keep you feeling satiated. It could be as simple as adding more vegetables at meal times or snacking on fruit instead of cookies.

Get more sleep! Eating because you are tired? Try to find ways to get a better night sleep. Eating too much sugar close to bedtime often has a huge impact on sleep quality.

Get active! Exercise is so important; it can affect our mood and even our food choices. Allocate some time every day and try to make it a habit that you will stick to. With an abundance of gyms in Singapore, home workout apps and now The Fit Loco encouraging a healthier nation, there really is no excuse. Get out at lunchtime and take a walk or get up 30 minutes early and practice some yoga.

Whatever your goals are and the obstacles you need to overcome to achieve them, start now with making some small but effective changes that are sustainable for you. More often than not, small changes can have the biggest long-term impact.

Keep following The Fit Loco as we delve deeper into the crazy world of nutrition.

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