New Year Special: Drink Smart

Counting Calories in Alcoholic Beverages

When considering ones overall daily food consumption, many people forget to include liquid calories (especially for alcohol) and this can have a huge effect on your total intake. Liquid calories are often the sneakiest as they do not fill you up and often contain very little nutrients = empty calories.

One reason for liquid calories slipping under the radar may be the lack of nutritional information labelled on wine, spirit and beers bottles.
If the calories aren’t listed, then they don’t count right?

Unfortunately, they do. Along with protein, fat and carbohydrates, alcohol is also considered a macronutrient and comes in at 7kcal per gram; something to consider.

In addition to calories from alcohol, the accompanying sugary mixers also provide additional calories. And let’s not forgot the influence alcohol has on the dietary choices that we make. 

It’s the holiday season and socialising with friends and family is what it’s all about. Drink and be merry, it’s all part of the festive cheer. Here’s a few quick switches to get wise and still be merry.

– Go for smaller glasses of wine
– Try low calorie beers
– Switch high-sugar soft drinks to soda water and fresh lime

Alcohol Count Calories
Single Measures Count Calories

Ordering a double can make your drink more calorific, so try to stick to single measures.

Switch a Double Vodka Coke to a Single Vodka Soda

Double Vodka Coke Count Calories
Double Vodka and Coke = 282 Kcal
Vodka Soda Count Calories
Single Vodka Soda = 66 Kcal

Switch Wine to White Wine with Soda Water

Wines Count Calories
Wine 150ml = 123 Kcal

Spritzer Count Calories
White Wine (60ml) with Soda Water (also called a ‘Spritzer’) = 50 Kcal

Switch a Double Gin Tonic to Single Gin Soda

Gin Tonic Double Shot Count Calories
Double Gin Tonic = 256 Kcal
Single Gin Soda = 66 Kcal
baileys count calories
Baileys 50ml serving = 175 Kcal
Take a single measure and add ice & milk = 109 Kcal
prosecco count calories
A glass of Prosecco 125ml = 97 Kcal, approximately the same amount of calories you would burn on a 10 minutes run.

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